Devotional Items

Diultadh Designs makes a variety of original devotional items, featuring precious and semi-precious stones, gold, silver and platinum solid and/or plated wire, and unique, vintage crosspieces, medallions and crucifixes.

We seek out unique chaplets, devotionals and rosaries and develop devotional hardware unlike any other based on the wealth of spiritual inspiration which is available to those who follow the Catholic faith.

These items are designed to convey my impression of the saints, the devotional meditations and the Holy Family for which they were created. Various permutations of the items are produced, each one an unique creation, even if they are made according to a particular version of these eternal stories. Peruse the unique designs of our chaplets, read about the interpretations of each, and choose the devotionals which speak most to you.

Wires, findings and jewelry pieces are procured through similar methods, and are often hand-cast by Diultadh Designs artists. When we have crafted original artwork for crosspieces, jewelry pieces and endpieces, we note the artist and the medium in the sales notes.

Our devotional items feature hand-sewn, upcycled rosary cases which protect these unique and delicate chaplets, allowing you to take them anywhere, and derive comfort and spiritual union with them at any time.

If you are ordering multiple chaplets, please indicate whether you would like a case for each, or a specially-crafted case which can accommodate each of your pieces.

Each Chaplet comes with a beautiful devotional card which explains the interpretation and symbolic particulars of the devotional, as well as the prayers.

Peruse our chaplets, rosaries and devotional items below.