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Rosaries are the integral sacramental of the Catholic Church. Developed out of centuries of Christian devotion to consistent prayer and maintaining the order of prayers, and codified by St. Dominic according to the wishes of the Virgin Mary, rosaries are the preferred devotional prayer, pleasing to both Mary and most importantly to her Divine Son, Jesus.

Catholic SacramentalsCatholic Sacramentals

Here you will find a complete array of handmade Catholic Sacramentals. Crafted with stainless steel, sterling silver, brass, filled gold and copper, these sacramentals contain a variety of semi-precious and precious stones – each with a set of qualities created by God to assist us on our spiritual journeys toward Him. These sacramentals are created using a thoughtfully-arranged set of stones, substances and imagery, to inspire you to more fervent prayer and devotion.

Sacramentals may be blessed by a priest or bishop before sending to you – if you would like this performed, please let us know during checkout (shipping times may be affected).