The history of the rosary is ancient and full of a wealth of spiritual forms. Diultadh Designs carries on this tradition by making a variety of rosaries, from the deeply traditional to innovative spiritual expressions to beautiful and modern pieces with subtle spirituality.

Browse some of our most popular designs in the gallery below, then look at specific rosaries for more details.

Interested in a custom design, or to learn more about the rosaries you see? You can read over Stone Significance by clicking the link below:


Want to design your own rosary? Build yours by picking the following from our Build-A-Rosary items. Pick your:

  • wire color
  • decade stones
  • Mysteries stones
  • Crucifix/Apostles’ Creed
  • Crosspiece

Five ways to customize your rosary, uncountable options to beautify, sanctify and encourage your spiritual prayers.

If you’d like to examine our upcycled, home-made Rosary Cases, you can view our current selection here. Otherwise, all rosaries will come in a tasteful sachet of chiffon, velvet or jacquard, included in the rosary price.